Citizen Scientist Expectations

Training is provided for all Citizen Scientists.

These expectations relate to the team work on the project.

If there are aspects that won’t work for a particular volunteer, another member of the team can assist, but all members must be prepare to contribute their best work.

  1. Accurate and precise data collection with clear block print on field forms
  2. Plants in plot will be counted-volunteers will be on hands and knees for up to 4-8 hours at a time
  3. Must like and be interested in learning grasses, as this is the dominant species. Training is provided
  4. Data collection should happen on each adopted transect once a month, 1st and 3rd week of the month (if you have two transects you will collect data twice a month)
  5. Data collection happens year round-more research oriented in winter vs field data
  6. Vascular plants and bryophytes will be included in field data collection
  7. DO NOT walk in the plots, while conducting research
  8. DO NOT remove plants from research quadrats
  9. Record hours volunteered in Hoyt Arboretum Visitors Center
  10. Primary source, journal research reguarding Spiranthes
    1. historic distribution,
    2. restoration treatments,
    3. seed germination,
    4. seed banking,
    5. reproduction cycle
  11. Participate in writing report and paper for eventual publication
  12. Use of email to communicate progress, concerns, and general updates
  13. Attendance at occasional team meetings as needed
  14. Ensure that data is entered into whatever the final resting place will be