Project Goals and Objectives



  1. Prevent local extirpation (removal) of historic population of uncommon Orchidacea Spiranthes
  2. Research best restoration treatments for Spiranthes in Tualatin Mountains
  3. Create management protocol for Hoyt Arboretum
    1. Improve natural habitat for Spiranthes in Hoyt Arboretum population
      1. Increase population count of Spiranthes (total number of plants)
      2. Increase native prairie species and specific Spiranthes cohorts for ecosystem health
      3. Decrease invasive species



  1. Collect a baseline data set in research plot (data gathered for 2013, 2014, 2015)
  2. Conduct research of historical distribution of Spiranthes and associated species to identify how much was likely lost
    1. John Christy historic map resource
    2. ORBIC
  3. Research appropriate restoration/weed control to increase population of Spiranthes (Weed control done in transects 2015)
  4. Investigate possibility of seed germination and banking of this species (Seed gathered 2015)